In masonry brick and mortar are bonded, which is essential to its structural behaviour. Often it is assumed that a perfect hydraulic contact exists between mortar and brick. Simulations of the moisture transport in masonry transport are made accordingly. In order to verify this assumption, preliminary absorption experiments were performed on brick/mortar samples. The water absorption was measured from brick to mortar and the opposite, from mortar to brick. In figure 1 and 2 some typical profiles are presented. Because of the relatively large moisture diffusivity of the brick in comparison to that of the mortar, two situations can be distinguished. In the case of absorption from brick to mortar, moisture profiles start to develop in the mortar when the water reaches the interface. Since the mortar absorbs water rather slowly, the brick is quickly saturated up to its capillary moisture content. In the case of absorption from mortar to brick, the water is quickly absorbed by the brick when it reaches the interface, and after a few hours an almost stationary moisture profile develops in the mortar.

absorption brick