Making of heptahydrate
(A guide for dummies)

Leo Pel
Transport In Permeable Media

Eindhoven University of Technology
5600 MB Eindhoven, TheNetherlands

Step 1: Heat up water to 35oC


Step 2: Add Na2SO4 until you have a saturated solution
(i.e., no more salt can be added and it can be see on the bottom)


Step 3: Wait untill all salt has fallen to the bottom and there is a clear solution on top


Step 4: Take some of the solution and put it for example in a glass tube (preferably borax free)


Step 5: Cool down the solution in ice.


Now in about 15-30 minutes you should see the first heptahydrate crystals grow.

To show it is really heptahydrate you can just add a mirabilite crystal to the solution and it will immediately be transformed: see movie 
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The final situation